Quality Policy

Australpharma, grounded in its Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Values, and aware of the impact of its activities, products, and services on society, commits to continuous improvement, the quality of its processes, and the safety of its people, thereby contributing to sustainable organizational development.

To achieve this, Australpharma commits to:

  • Comply with applicable legislation requirements and ensure compliance with Good Distribution Practices and Quality Management in accordance with ISO 9001 standards;

  • Foster partnerships with its Suppliers and Subcontractors through their ongoing selection and evaluation, to meet the needs of expanding product ranges, market demands, and a commitment to good management practices;

  • Value its Employees and those working on behalf of the organization, providing them with a safe and healthy working environment, enhancing their skills through continuous training, and raising awareness of their individual and collective responsibilities in safety, environmental protection, and the improvement of processes, products, and services;

  • Promote Customer satisfaction by delivering products and services that meet their expectations, establishing relationships built on trust and transparency, and increasing recognition of our practices' quality, consistency, and social and environmental impact.


We are a certified company according to the following Standards:

NP EN ISO 9001 - Qualidade

Australpharma, certified under the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard, formally acknowledges its Quality Management System, including the conformity of its services and products, customer satisfaction, and the continuous improvement of its activities.