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Diagnostics Services

The Diagnosis business area, created in 2010, based its activities on 40 years of experience held by the parent company, Quilaban in this specific area of ​​activity, providing the most innovative solutions in terms of clinical diagnosis. Going through aspects such as Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Immunology and Hematology, Australpharma features technical experts in medical tests, which strive to find the best technical solutions for each particular case and develop on job training to optimize the use of equipment for the technicians.

Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Immunology and Hematology

The technical assistance strategy is to give a first line of support ​​by knowledgeable resources to the available equipment and to ensure the necessary corrective maintenance. Also a second line of back up with technicians who carry out periodic customer visits for preventive maintenance. On the areas of Point-of-Care clinics, pharmacies and small health units, Australpharma offers practical solutions for the determination of analytical parameters (blood glucose, cholesterol, lipid profile, etc) and rapid tests (malaria , tuberculosis , HIV, Hepatitis B, etc.).